Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 2

Day 2
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Ahh, husband woke my up this morning (I asked him to) but the one thing i hate more than anything is being woke up. But I am a morning person.... I just want to wake up on my own! I dislike having to get up because I have to. Although I guess I did want to since I told my husband to wake me up.. I can be complicated sometimes. ;)
Well, First thing First, I hopped on the scale! I know people say not to worry about your weight a whole lot during the 24 day challenge because most people lose inches over weight and although I get that, I will weigh myself every day even if I know I will have gained 10 pounds.

Now I am a little bummed actually... I am down .6 pounds from yesterday but when I got on the scale first thing this morning it said I weighed 239.5!!! I was super excited. Been a while since I have been out of the 240's and I am not saying my camera weighs 2 1/2 pounds... my scale is probably just a little jumpy but still it totally made my day & I bummed I didn't get to share that with you! Oh well, 241.4 is good!

4:20am -I got my husbands fiber drink ready to go & he immediately begged me for a bottle of Spark! He tried the whole plugging his nose thing at first but ran out of breath and didn't breathe through his mouth like I would have so he got to taste all that nasty stuff!! Watching him is seriously the best part of taking the nasty stuff!  I myself had mine a few minutes later and it took me a few seconds longer but I didn't taste a thing! :)
5:00am- Well for breakfast I made  eggs with broccoli, onion & bell peppers is fantastic. YummO! Tasted great. I am NOT an egg person, but for some reason eggs with broccoli, onion & bell peppers is fantastic. This is something I would normally eat, only I cut out sour cream/milk & used Soy Cheese (I actually didn't put soy cheese on mine, but I put some on Dustin's).
I had a spark drink & 2 bottles of water between breakfast and Lunch Brunch!
10:30am- I ate my lunch!!! All of a sudden I was starving. Could have been because I just prepared my lunch before i went to work & it looked and smelled sooo good!!! So when I got to work I ate. :)  (I work Sunday afternoon & Monday's) This is what I made! Super Fantastic!
1:00pm- I ate 2 celery sticks with peanut butter. yumm. One of my favorite snacks!
You know what surprises me about me being sooo fat!? I actually Like to eat healthy. I am not saying I do all of the time, but I often times do. Especially the last few months, I know I am always under a lot of stress and that effects me more than I realize but just kind of interesting how all those little bad things can add up to one HUGE GUT!!!
Just had dinner, THIS is what I made. It was fantastic! Didn't really go into it with a recipe, I wanted shish kabobs w/ chicken, bell peppers & onions but I was a little frustrated about how to season them because my spice rack is limited, I will be shopping for some new seasons very soon!
Took our horse pills before bed. Pretty good day health wise. I surprisingly have not had any major cravings!?... I have seen a few things around the house that I wouldn't mind having... but overall I haven't had that "I NEED" feeling. I think that's because throughout the day I log onto my computer & my display picture is of me right before I got married (PRETTY) and then I am updating my blog & I see my Before pictures and they are not so PRETTY!...

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