Monday, April 2, 2012

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Become a Distributor Today!

There are many benefits of becoming an AdvoCare Distributor, I made my choice to become a Distributor  so I could receive an immediate discount on the 24 day challenge because my husband & I both wanted to do it.

Buying 2 24-Day Challenges at full cost would have cost us $370.50. To become an AdvoCare Distributor it costs $79.00 (That includes $50 of Free Product!) & after you become a distributor you automatically start receiving 20% off of any AdvoCare order. At 20% off my husband & I would have only spent $296.40 on 2- 24 day Challenges, not $370.50.
Now if you add
$296.40 (the cost of 2- 24 day challenges)
$79.00 (Distributor Fee)

So yes, it is $5.10 more to become a distributor if you and your husband/wife plan on doing the 24 day challenge together, but your getting $50 in free products... and the next time you place an order you continue to get 20% off!

That makes a canister of spark $41.56 (Not $51.95)
That makes an extra box of meal replacements $31.96 (Not $39.95)
That makes a Bottle of Catalyst $25.20 (Not $31.50)
That makes a bottle  of ThermoPlus $25.56 (Not $31.95)

So lets say you ordered these extras, you would save $31.07

And guess what? That would bump you up to the next level in Advocare where you start receiving 25% off! which would make everything even less expensive for you! And if you bought all of those items together (If you spend over $499) you will automatically get 25% off, not 20%.

24 day Challenge $138.93 (Not $185.25)
24 day Challenge $138.93 (Not $185.25
Canister of spark $38.96 (Not $51.95)
Box of meal replacements $29.96 (Not $39.95)
Bottle of Catalyst $23.62 (Not $31.50)
ThermoPlus $23.96 (Not $31.95)
@ 25% off you would save $$131.49$$
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And it only gets better from here!

If you spend these amounts over time (buying for yourself or your friends buying from you), you will get these discounts! (An don't worry, you don't HAVE to spend this amount. If you really decide to take the 24 day challenge (like my husband and I did) people will want to buy product from you. They will be interested  in Advocare & that will help you reach your goals. :)
$0-$499 = 20% off
$500- $1499 = 25% off
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

24 Day Challenge Before & After

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My 24 Day Challenge Before & After

Total Loss of 14.4 Pounds!!

**Before Measurements!**
Neck: 17
Shoulders: 49
Chest: 46
Arm(r): 13
Arm(l): 13
Waist: 53
Thighs(r): 28
Thighs(l): 28
Calf's(r): 17
Calf's(l): 17

**After Measurements!**
Neck: 15
Shoulders: 49
Chest: 45.5
Arm(r): 13
Arm(l): 13
Waist: 49.5
Hips: 49
Thighs(r): 24
Thighs(l): 24
Calf's(r): 16.5
Calf's(l): 16.5
Total loss of 17 Inches!
 My Before & After pictures are not as noticeable as I would have liked but I can definitely see a difference in myself. Small difference but its only been 24 days and I am a pretty big girl! :) 14.4 pounds lost and I am still working on it! I will weigh myself & take pictures in another 24 days to see how well I stick to eating healthy & continueing with the products.

If you are interested in losing weight & making a change in your life I would love to talk to you more about Advocare. :)
Are you interested in becoming an AdvoCare Distributor & receiving 20% off of your orders?
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Become a Distributor

HERE is why I decided to become a Distributor.

I would love to have some feedback on my progress. Any tips or advice you think would be helpful? I would love to hear about it! :)

Day 24

Day 24
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Its Day 24!!! YAHOOO!!!
That is a total loss of 14.4 pounds!
Losing 14.4 pounds in 24 days is exciting. I feel fantastic so that makes it worth it.
 I have found that going out of town to my sisters is bad for me. lol I had a few bites of mac & cheese & a fresh roll from the Mexican bakery. It was good but my tummy felt funky afterwords.

I felt like I ate a lot today. Like a lot a lot. I don't know if my body just knew my 24 day challenge was over or what but I ate quite a bit. I still ate healthy besides the bread & mac n cheese at my sisters but I was snacky all day. Thank goodness for my dehydrator snacks. I snacked on them almost all day. My son refuses to eat the dehydrated food but I bet once I do pineapples he will be all over it! My daughter is in love with the strawberries. If you have never used a dehydrator I highly suggest borrowing one from a friend or purchasing one. I got mine for $10 on a FB yard sale. Great Deal!

I have been trying to decide what to do after I am done with the 24 day challenge. My plan is to take the 14 day MNS pack, then take it once again & then start another 24 day challenge. While taking the MNS pack I will continue to take Catalyst as well as Thurmoplus. It is recommended to take the 24 day challenge every 3 months because of the cleanse but I have read quite a few times and heard a few people say that they take it sooner than that. About every 6 weeks, so that is what I plan to do the first few times around until I am under 200 pounds. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 23

Day 23
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Day 23 and I am down 14 pounds. :)
I am getting excited about tomorrow. I want to measure myself and see if I lost any inches. I don't really feel like I have lost many but hoping I did. :) I will have my "after" pictures posted tomorrow as well as my new measurements. Hope I look better. lol those before pictures were crazy unattractive. I am happy my husband still loves me!! lol I am pretty lucky!

I bought a food dehydrator a few days ago & spent the day dehydrating apples, bananas & strawberries. I have been snacking on them all day as they have been drying. Good Stuff! Even when they are only half done! They will make great healthy snacks for "on the go". I do love fruit but I hate the stickiness after eating it.

For breakfast I had grapes & almonds. Lunch I had a turkey sandwich. Have you ever had pepper turkey? its like the best lunch meet ever. So good. For dinner I made a chicken stir-fry. Got all my pills down. Dustin said he has been forgetting a lot of his pills this week. I am going to make him measure up and weigh himself tomorrow anyway. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 22

Day 22
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
See what I mean about being frustrated with fluctuating weight? this is why. Down a little from yesterday but still up from the day before that!.. *Sigh...* ;) Oh well, I am still happy.
Got all my pills down today. Didn't forget anything. I feel like I have not really lost any weight since I stopped talking the catalyst (we ran out) so I am looking forward to getting ours in the mail. Hope taking that and the other new stuff will help us out.
I have been wanting to go walking every day and get some exercise but it has been so rainy here this last week. Definitely SPRING time! :)

Well today I didn't really eat a whole lot... Every time I went to make something my kids were hungry & I was using the very last of Something... gotta love kids. lol I did eat enough though. I had a meal replacement shake, a banana, a chicken salad and 1/2 of a black bean burger. So I guess they didn't take ALL of my food. :)

I keep going back and fourth between if I feel like I have lost any inches or not. One day I am like "Yup, I am definitely feeling smaller", the next day im like, "Nope, still just as huge as when I first started!" lol so idk... we will see in just a few days!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 21

Day 21
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge

Just a word of advice... Do not weigh yourself every day if you are going to do this. Trust me. I have weighed myself every day for 21 days now & it has honestly been the most stressful part. My weight has fluctuated every single day, up, down, the same, you name it I have seen it on the scale the last couple of weeks. It is not fun at all... If you are going to learn anything from reading this blog, I think its that.

You know what i made tonight? My "Wonderful" Cauliflower Cheese & Noodles. And I say "Wonderful" because I messed it up! I messed up my own darn recipe! lol how sad... I wasted a ton of food because I did it wrong. I know what happened though. I used the wrong "Cheese" .. I bought a new kind of vegan cheese to try & it didn't work out very well. I will be buying some new ingredients today to make it tonight & I will be posting a picture of the cheese I use on the recipe page so there is no confusion.

I EAT when I a stressed out... and having 2 kids & a husband... that's enough to get me to that beyond stressed level. I ate 1 1/2 slices of cheesecake today. Yup. We bought it for my husbands birthday for this weekend, the 25th, but he was feeling down this past weekend because we were sick so when he got groceries he bought it for us to 'celebrate' a week early. Well, we all love cheesecake. Yumm. My kids were little devils today.. so I took my frustration out on cheesecake!

We ran out of Catalyst so we are only taking our MNS pack right now, which I forgot to take with lunch.. I have done great with remembering to take everything besides today. We have an order coming in on Friday with more Catalyst & we are going to start taking ThermoPlus every day. Dustin has a hard time sleeping at night so we also ordered some SleepWorks for him. We will see how it works. :)