Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Become a Distributor Today!

There are many benefits of becoming an AdvoCare Distributor, I made my choice to become a Distributor  so I could receive an immediate discount on the 24 day challenge because my husband & I both wanted to do it.

Buying 2 24-Day Challenges at full cost would have cost us $370.50. To become an AdvoCare Distributor it costs $79.00 (That includes $50 of Free Product!) & after you become a distributor you automatically start receiving 20% off of any AdvoCare order. At 20% off my husband & I would have only spent $296.40 on 2- 24 day Challenges, not $370.50.
Now if you add
$296.40 (the cost of 2- 24 day challenges)
$79.00 (Distributor Fee)

So yes, it is $5.10 more to become a distributor if you and your husband/wife plan on doing the 24 day challenge together, but your getting $50 in free products... and the next time you place an order you continue to get 20% off!

That makes a canister of spark $41.56 (Not $51.95)
That makes an extra box of meal replacements $31.96 (Not $39.95)
That makes a Bottle of Catalyst $25.20 (Not $31.50)
That makes a bottle  of ThermoPlus $25.56 (Not $31.95)

So lets say you ordered these extras, you would save $31.07

And guess what? That would bump you up to the next level in Advocare where you start receiving 25% off! which would make everything even less expensive for you! And if you bought all of those items together (If you spend over $499) you will automatically get 25% off, not 20%.

24 day Challenge $138.93 (Not $185.25)
24 day Challenge $138.93 (Not $185.25
Canister of spark $38.96 (Not $51.95)
Box of meal replacements $29.96 (Not $39.95)
Bottle of Catalyst $23.62 (Not $31.50)
ThermoPlus $23.96 (Not $31.95)
@ 25% off you would save $$131.49$$
(Now you see why it is worth becoming a Distributor...)

And it only gets better from here!

If you spend these amounts over time (buying for yourself or your friends buying from you), you will get these discounts! (An don't worry, you don't HAVE to spend this amount. If you really decide to take the 24 day challenge (like my husband and I did) people will want to buy product from you. They will be interested  in Advocare & that will help you reach your goals. :)
$0-$499 = 20% off
$500- $1499 = 25% off
$1500-$2,999 = 30% off
$3,000 = 40% off (Advisor Level)

So what are you waiting for!? Sign up to become a distributor today!! ;)

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