Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 23

Day 23
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Day 23 and I am down 14 pounds. :)
I am getting excited about tomorrow. I want to measure myself and see if I lost any inches. I don't really feel like I have lost many but hoping I did. :) I will have my "after" pictures posted tomorrow as well as my new measurements. Hope I look better. lol those before pictures were crazy unattractive. I am happy my husband still loves me!! lol I am pretty lucky!

I bought a food dehydrator a few days ago & spent the day dehydrating apples, bananas & strawberries. I have been snacking on them all day as they have been drying. Good Stuff! Even when they are only half done! They will make great healthy snacks for "on the go". I do love fruit but I hate the stickiness after eating it.

For breakfast I had grapes & almonds. Lunch I had a turkey sandwich. Have you ever had pepper turkey? its like the best lunch meet ever. So good. For dinner I made a chicken stir-fry. Got all my pills down. Dustin said he has been forgetting a lot of his pills this week. I am going to make him measure up and weigh himself tomorrow anyway. :)

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