Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 24

Day 24
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Its Day 24!!! YAHOOO!!!
That is a total loss of 14.4 pounds!
Losing 14.4 pounds in 24 days is exciting. I feel fantastic so that makes it worth it.
 I have found that going out of town to my sisters is bad for me. lol I had a few bites of mac & cheese & a fresh roll from the Mexican bakery. It was good but my tummy felt funky afterwords.

I felt like I ate a lot today. Like a lot a lot. I don't know if my body just knew my 24 day challenge was over or what but I ate quite a bit. I still ate healthy besides the bread & mac n cheese at my sisters but I was snacky all day. Thank goodness for my dehydrator snacks. I snacked on them almost all day. My son refuses to eat the dehydrated food but I bet once I do pineapples he will be all over it! My daughter is in love with the strawberries. If you have never used a dehydrator I highly suggest borrowing one from a friend or purchasing one. I got mine for $10 on a FB yard sale. Great Deal!

I have been trying to decide what to do after I am done with the 24 day challenge. My plan is to take the 14 day MNS pack, then take it once again & then start another 24 day challenge. While taking the MNS pack I will continue to take Catalyst as well as Thurmoplus. It is recommended to take the 24 day challenge every 3 months because of the cleanse but I have read quite a few times and heard a few people say that they take it sooner than that. About every 6 weeks, so that is what I plan to do the first few times around until I am under 200 pounds. :)


  1. Thank you for recording each day of the challenge - great job!! I started the 24 Day Challenge last week, and I've been blogging each day. Although your posts are definitely more interesting than mine :) How do you dehydrate your strawberries and apples?

  2. Awesome! How are you doing on your challenge? Are you blogging about your challenge? If you do I would LOVE to read it! Post a link! :)

    I use a dehydorator. I have read quite a few "recipes" on Pinterest to where you can dry stuff in the oven but I have not tried any. I am pretty cheep and I purchased a dehydorator on one of those facebook mom swap yardsales for $10. It has been a great investment. We are costco shoppers and often times we get way too much strawberries or another fruit and we just dehydorate it so we can eat it later.