Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 22

Day 22
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
See what I mean about being frustrated with fluctuating weight? this is why. Down a little from yesterday but still up from the day before that!.. *Sigh...* ;) Oh well, I am still happy.
Got all my pills down today. Didn't forget anything. I feel like I have not really lost any weight since I stopped talking the catalyst (we ran out) so I am looking forward to getting ours in the mail. Hope taking that and the other new stuff will help us out.
I have been wanting to go walking every day and get some exercise but it has been so rainy here this last week. Definitely SPRING time! :)

Well today I didn't really eat a whole lot... Every time I went to make something my kids were hungry & I was using the very last of Something... gotta love kids. lol I did eat enough though. I had a meal replacement shake, a banana, a chicken salad and 1/2 of a black bean burger. So I guess they didn't take ALL of my food. :)

I keep going back and fourth between if I feel like I have lost any inches or not. One day I am like "Yup, I am definitely feeling smaller", the next day im like, "Nope, still just as huge as when I first started!" lol so idk... we will see in just a few days!

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