Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 21

Day 21
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge

Just a word of advice... Do not weigh yourself every day if you are going to do this. Trust me. I have weighed myself every day for 21 days now & it has honestly been the most stressful part. My weight has fluctuated every single day, up, down, the same, you name it I have seen it on the scale the last couple of weeks. It is not fun at all... If you are going to learn anything from reading this blog, I think its that.

You know what i made tonight? My "Wonderful" Cauliflower Cheese & Noodles. And I say "Wonderful" because I messed it up! I messed up my own darn recipe! lol how sad... I wasted a ton of food because I did it wrong. I know what happened though. I used the wrong "Cheese" .. I bought a new kind of vegan cheese to try & it didn't work out very well. I will be buying some new ingredients today to make it tonight & I will be posting a picture of the cheese I use on the recipe page so there is no confusion.

I EAT when I a stressed out... and having 2 kids & a husband... that's enough to get me to that beyond stressed level. I ate 1 1/2 slices of cheesecake today. Yup. We bought it for my husbands birthday for this weekend, the 25th, but he was feeling down this past weekend because we were sick so when he got groceries he bought it for us to 'celebrate' a week early. Well, we all love cheesecake. Yumm. My kids were little devils today.. so I took my frustration out on cheesecake!

We ran out of Catalyst so we are only taking our MNS pack right now, which I forgot to take with lunch.. I have done great with remembering to take everything besides today. We have an order coming in on Friday with more Catalyst & we are going to start taking ThermoPlus every day. Dustin has a hard time sleeping at night so we also ordered some SleepWorks for him. We will see how it works. :)

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