Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 20

Day 20
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Yay! 228.6!.. I am down... 13.4 pounds.

Well, as you can see this is day 20... BUT the date is the 19th & my last post, day 19, was posted 4 days ago... The family & I got SUPER Sick!... So we had to take a few days off from our Challenge. But we are back on track today. Started on my MNS Pack like I have been so hopefully I will keep seeing a decrease in weight. I am actually a little bummed about 13.4 pounds. I musta done the math wrong earlier, I thought I was down 14.6 pounds. Oh shucks... Guess I will just have to work a little harder to get there sooner than later! :)
We have been going through groceries like a pack of wolves! Nothing lasts in this house. At one point last week I realized we had 2 bags & a huge container of grapes from Costco in the fridge. I thought to myself, really? 3 different kinds of grapes? They are going to be wasted! Nope, we ate them all. Not sure 1 even made it into the garbage. Glad we didn't waste but holy smokes!
My kids are doing great with the eating healthier, especially my son, he likes to eat healthy, probably because ever since he was little I have told him he will get fat like mommy if he eats a lot of junk food. lol. probably not the best thing but at least it keeps him aware. I have told my daughter the same things but she doesn't really care. She just wants to eat what she wants.
Well, I do try and keep these things short since no one is even reading them yet. lol I feel kinda silly typing to no one. I have not even told anyone about this blog yet! So I guess its my own fault. I just want to see progress in myself before I share with everyone else. :)

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