Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 19

Day 19
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
230.8... & guess what? I will definitely weigh more than this tomorrow...!... lol... oh sad... I ate a ton today. I ate pretty healthy, I just ate a ton!...
For breakfast I had 1/2 a Chocolate meal replacement shake, a bowl of grapes & almonds.For lunch I had more grapes & almonds (grapes and almonds are a perfect combination - very addicting!!). For dinner I had 1/2 meal replacement shake, a bowl of organic corn chips & a bowl of fresh salsa, a couple of the kids whole grain chicken nuggets.... There must be more that I am not thinking of... I have been 'snacking' all day..

Dustin stayed home sick today from work because he has been sick. Last night he started getting sick (throwing up) We don't think its related at all to any advocare stuff we were doing, I think he just got a stomach bug. So today we all kind of took the day off. we didn't do anything but lounge around. I didn't even take the kids to school, we just relaxed and enjoyed the day. It was nice but days like these are always hard for me because I get snacky because I am not doing anything else.

We decided we are going to get a gym membership soon. Dustin has lost almost 15 pounds so far & he doesn't really need to lose much more, just needs to start focusing on gaining muscles. Dustins birthday is in 10 days & I got him a trunk rack for his bike so he can take his bike out & ride more. I also got him a mirror for his bike as well as a new comfortable seat. I am looking forward to giving it to him. I hope it encourages him to get out and ride more. He really enjoys riding his bike right now but I think this will help boost him up and get him excited to have some new gadgets to play with.. you know how boys are! ;)

Well off to bed, lets Pray I don't weigh 250 pounds tomorrow!!! :)

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