Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 18

Day 18
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
*Sigh*... Same weight as yesterday! Disappointing! yet I have a smile on my face! Feels so good not to be almost 250 pounds!!!

I sure Feel like a SLACKER! My last few blog posts have hardly had any information in them. Just been a busy week. Trying to make this lifestyle change takes up a lot of effort on my part. I am cooking way more than normal, preparing, planning, trying to tell people about Advocare, lots of work! I have a lot more energy since I have started Advocare but I am still doing all the normal "mom/wife" stuff... and I am trying to do things right so I don't set my family up to fail.
I feel like I have come to a complete standstill with my weight, I know I shouldn't worry about it but I just want to be losing more! At least get to the 220's before I am done with this challenge. I feel like eating wise I am doing everything I possibly can but I know I need to step it up physically. Last night after I made my post I rode our exercise bike for 2 miles before I went to bed. It felt good, and though its not a ton of exercise it was better than nothing.

I am really liking the meal replacement shakes. they are very good. Chocolate is my favorite. I have yet to try vanilla. The chocolate tastes exactly like a cold hot cocoa, not too sweet, not too "meal replacement"-Y... either.. (Had one for breakfast & lunch!)
We are going through fruit & veggies like crazy. Out again! Eating healthy is very expensive.. just an FYI for anyone who is going to be doing this. Prices for Advocare plus food... apparently its a good thing that we are trying to sell it... lol my financial goal right now is to make enough money to buy our supplies. With Dustin & I both doing this we have purchased 2 - 24 day challenges, 3 bottles of catalyst & will continue with the mns max pack after the 24 days along with the catalyst as well as trying some new products.

For dinner I had fish, cucumber & a few whole grain chicken nuggets (The kids dinner, i snuck a few!) ;)

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