Sunday, February 26, 2012

Advocare: Frequently Asked Questions

Advocare: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you Red Meats while on the 24 day Challenge?
A: You should most definitely avoid them during the cleanse phase (First 10 Days) but you can slowly start putting them back in your diet after the cleanse, just remember, your trying to change your life style, not eat healthy for 10 days and go back to your normal ways.

Q: Can I eat Mushrooms while on the 24 day Challenge?
A: No, you should not eat mushrooms, mushrooms are a mold and you should stay away from them.

Q: Can I eat Eggs while on the 24 day Challenge?
A: Yes, You can eat eggs, just don't add all the "extras" (Sour Cream, Cow Milk, Cheese ext.)

Q: Can I eat Canned Fruits & Vegetables?
A: No, try to stay away from them. Lots of preservatives & added sugars. Eat Fresh or Frozen.

Q: What happens if I forget to take something?
A: Its okay, just pick up where you left off & move forward. Don't Dwell on it!

Q: Can I have Sugar?
A: Stay away from anything "White" Including sugar. You don't want to have any in your body while doing the cleanse, but a small amount will not hurt you.  A lot of seasonings have 1 gram or >less than one gram of sugar in them, go ahead and use those, such small amounts are insignificant. If you are looking to sweeten something use a natural sweetener like stevia, agave nectar, zsweet or truvia. I personally use truvia.

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