Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 1

Day 1
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge

So I was extremely excited to be starting the cleanse phase of the 24 Day Challenge with my husband! We just spent about 30 minutes this morning weighing ourselves, taking pictures, taking measurements ext. We were giggling with each other about taking pictures half naked and fat. It was a good time.

.........Until I uploaded our pictures this evening on the computer to make this blog & saw myself. It is very different when you look at yourself half naked in a photo. Tears started pouring down my face & I tried to hide it. Dustin saw I was teary eyed and knew something was wrong. He tried to get me to talk to him and for the longest moment I couldn't even say how I felt.

"I can't believe how horrible I look"

I finally held the tears back long enough to say it, and I am thankful he was supportive and tried to encourage me. He said "we are working on it" and he is right, we are, but still. I am so disappointed in myself that I let my body get this way.

I know I am overweight, I know I have horrible stretch marks & horrible white skin (and those are just the Extremely Noticiable Flaws), but I never realized I looked this bad. I always felt like even with all of my flaws I still looked good. I have known for quite some time that my looks have been a major role in the marriage difficulties that Dustin and I have, but now I am seeing myself through his eyes and I get it. I wouldn't want to be with me either.
This is Me. With Enough Clothes Off.
(I am sure your thankful I couldn't find any shorts!)
UUGGghhh... :'(
Right Side
Left Side

This is My Current Weight as of 2/26/2012

To be honest I am not exactly sure what "size" jeans I wear. Every pair of jeans that fit me are size 16 from maurices.... BUT they were not purchased recently & last time I was at maurices I tried on a size 20 that didn't fit me.. so.. thats why I am not exactly sure what size I wear. Size Shirts is XL, but I also wore an XL back in the day when I first met my husband (I was 155 back then)

Neck: 17
Shoulders: 49
Chest: 46
Arm(r): 13
Arm(l): 13
Waist: 53
Thighs(r): 28
Thighs(l): 28
Calfs(r): 17
Calfs(l): 17

Here are some more pictures of me today when I set off to work. I thought it would be nice to have some pictures in "Normal" clothes, hoping to be able to show you all some day that these jeans will no longer fit me!!
Front (I will be smiling in these pictures from now on btw!!!)
Left Side
Right Side

Day 1 Experience
Okay, Beyond my horrifying pictures experience, today actually went really great!
The Fiber Drink- Yikes, drank it in about 10-11 oz of water & Chugged it. I plugged my nose while I chugged it so I didn't totally have to taste it. But I do wish I would have gotten a picture of my husband drinking it. haha he was not impressed with the taste! He never heard of plugging his nose to drink/eat something so he didn't taste it! I do it ALL the time! Crazy that he didn't know that!
I ate Oatmeal with home made almond butter & bananas for breakfast (30 minutes after I had the fiber drink) I didn't eat a lot, I was full quick, felt kinda bloated.
Drank a Mango Strawberry Spark while making lunch. (Tasted good, I am not a huge spark person, nothing against the product it is very tasty, i just LOVE water! so I am going to try and drink 1 a day because I know its good for me but I wont be over doing it.)
For lunch I made chicken & brown spinach rice, Corn & fresh Strawberries. Still didn't eat a lot (but enough), felt really bloated still. I am thinking its caused by the fiber drink?
Took our OmegaPlex while I prepared dinner. For dinner my husband & I split half of a small sandwich & a bowl of vegetable bean soup with a sliced apple.
Took our Herbal Cleanse Horse Pills before bed.
I definitely felt great today. Eating 'differently' for day 1 was not a challenge at all. Everything tasted absolutely wonderful & was all easy to prepare. The only thing we actually did differently today that was not in the "norm" at our house was we ate Whole Grain bread buns that are only 110 calories & had Vegetarian Cheese on our sandwich for dinner instead of the normal stuff.

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