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My Advocare Story from the Beginning

My Story
Do you remember when Nutella was all of a sudden the "IN" thing to eat? Everyone was talking about it, raving about how amazing it tasted, and how much everyone loved it?.... then 10 months later you finally decided to give it a try..? and what do you know... Its LOVE at first lick...! yeah, that is kind of how my story with advocare began. Well, Kinda...
When I was in College (2-ish years ago) working on getting my AA in Business Management at Charter College my friend Jessica introduced me to the advocare cleanse (I knew NOTHING about Advocare), she was doing the cleanse because a friend had recommended it and she was all about Fruit Punch Spark drink. So I gave it a try because she was having good results, I got the 10 day cleanse and a big jug of Fruit Punch Spark. At this point I was Really struggling with weight and most importantly my Emotions. I was having a really hard time eating healthy and exercising, it was hard for me, the OOMPH was just not there... but i was absolutely miserable... and I was doing this all on my own without any guidance. (Not A Good Idea for anything when your trying to succeed)
This is what happened. First hour of the cleanse I was in tears, i didn't know what to eat, the nasty fiber drink was freaking me out because it was so nasty, I was emotional, going to school 20 hours a week after being home all day with my 4 year old twins, so I flat out stopped. Literally. First morning I took the fiber drink... and that was it!.. I just had no clue what to do so I gave up and the box sat in my cupboard for months & I finally gave it away to my sister. Not even sure if she used it, its not like we knew what to do...
Well I did use the Spark drink a few times but to be honest I am a Water Lover. Its my favorite beverage and I have never been a huge fan of putting stuff in my water, just makes it taste worse in my opinion. but I did continue to use it off and on. My husband drank it a little here and there but still to us we didn't know anything about the benefits of the spark drink, Advocare meant nothing to us.
Fast Forward a Year. My husband was at work (He is an around town truck driver for a beverage company) & he had some random guy walk up to him, give him his business card and told him if he was interested in a career change to give him a call. Well this is a "MY BAD"... My husband HATES his job with a passion and I know he got excited about the idea of not having to do what he does for the rest of his life.. but me, I "Knew" about advocare and I completely blew it off. I was like "babe, its just some dumb thing, I tried it, remember?" (Ha, no, he didn't.. surprise surprise) I told him how I tried to do the cleanse but couldn't and I was just 100% like, "this is dumb, don't waste your time"... (I feel super guilty about this btw... just shut his dreams down.)
Okay, now fast forward another 6 months or so.... My husbands best friend from high school (they are not really friends anymore, just grew apart when my husband met me) Well he added my husband to FB and told him how he was having a mixer at his house and how he was in really great shape and feeling good and how he had replaced his wife's income so she could stay home full time. My husband isn't the socialist man ever... so he basically just turned him down.. but before he did it was like one of those "Hmmm" moments... I was more encouraging because I was trying to get my husband to get out and do something but it just didn't happen.
FAST FORWARD.... 4 months?... I started a MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) at a local Church and really clicked with a girl named Lacey. From the first time i met her I knew i wanted to be friends with her, she reminded me a lot of me and had such a fun personality that just hit the "Good Friend" spot in my heart. Striking up conversation on the 3rd Mops meeting I attended she was telling me about how she just started doing a 24 day cleanse and couldn't eat all the good food that was being served (your darn right i was chowing down, when people bring food to Church Events I think they put 1000% percent into it!!! Usually healthy stuff but super tasty!) Now i am getting hungry, but anyway, back to Lacey, I told her about how I had tried the cleanse and it made me sick and yada yada... (At this time she was not a distributor, this was her first time around and had no intention of taking it further than that) Well a few weeks later she was super excited about Advocare because she had seen some Amazing Results. She was posting pictures on FB and once again I was like, "Hmm..."
Around Christmas of 2011 I started eating healthier, I wasn't even trying really it just came a little natural, not saying I was a complete Healthy Eater but way better than we have ever eaten before. So now that I was eating healthier, & feeling better I was just kind of thinking of how beneficial it would be for me to really start trying. I mean I am feeling better (still emotional.. haha but I am just an emotional girl!!!) but I was having more self confidence and just felt like it would be right for me to do SOMETHING!! (But to be completely honest the Price was like nooooo... not gunna happen!)
Well Lacey & I got together for coffee one day and I told her i was interested in the 24 day cleanse that she did (by this time she had done it twice) she talked a little about how she & her husband jumped into the business side of things after her first cleanse. Sounded Interesting and a few hours later she emailed me some basic documents
I will list them later when I figure out how! :)
She explained a lot of the Financials to me (I talk more about that Here!) & I just felt like it was Right!
My Story is coming to an end here shortly, I Promise!...
So my husband gets home and I am getting a little more excited about Advocare and I am thinking how great it would be for us. Physically Mostly & Possibly Financially. I started telling him I thought it could be potential income in the future ... we could focus more on getting healthy together, all the good stuff. Well little did I know, He had a BAD day at work. He found out two people in his company got promoted over him that clearly did not deserve it as much as him. (If you knew my husband you would know he is a hard worker. So he hates his job before anyways and now today he dislikes it even more and lately we have been talking about me getting a full time job (I work part time.. 12 hours if that is even considered part time... a week) so if I got a full time job it would be more wiggle room for him to find something else to do.. anyways so after a few emotional minutes of him being upset about work and me being upset that he was upset he opened up a little and started talking about it and he said to me, "Well maybe this is a sign we are suppose to do it because it has came up so many random times"... and I agreed.
A Few days later we signed up to be Advocare Representatives, got a 30% discount & started our cleanse right away. I had no doubt in my mind that it wouldn't work but I NEEDED to experience the cleanse for myself before I could promote the product with my whole heart. Lacey by this time had lost almost 30 pounds, she was 5 pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight, down 2 pant sizes and was feeling amazing and although to me that is so exciting I needed to tell the story about me and how I was effected, which is why I am here. To tell my story and share my experiences with Advocare.
If you are not dead tired from reading that small novel read on about My First 24 Day Challenge!

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