Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 3

Day 3
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge


240.2!! (Sorry for the Glare!)
Tuesday is when my week reallly begins. Dustin is at work all day, kids have school in the afternoon, I don't work, my schedule is super flexible & I can do just about anything I want to. Life is Great!
First things first, got a text message from Dustin this morning saying "I am glad the fiber drink is done for a while I almost threw up this morning" ... :( Poor him. It is pretty nasty stuff if you have not tried it. We are both doing the citrus. I know there is also a peaches and cream and it could be better? but for me personally it sounds even worse!
Definitely feeling bloated again after the fiber drink. You are suppose to eat 30 minutes after you take it and that has been a little bit of a challenge for me. You really want to get some food in your body, it doesn't have to be a lot but some is good. I did eat breakfast about 45 minutes after the fiber drink today though. I ate about half of my Apple Pie Oatmeal. Very good stuff!!
For lunch I had another Awesome sandwich! Soo good! Its my new Favorite food! I also had half a cucumber & half an apple for lunch.
The afternoon got really busy! Didn't even get to dinner until 9 and by that time I was so focused on cleaning I just steamed a yellow zucchini & added some mediterranean spices to it and called it dinner!
I started taking Catalyst this evening. It is an add on you can purchase w/ the 24 day challenge.

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