Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 5

Day 5
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Alright! Down 4.4 pounds!
I am not feeling any inches lost. I know its only day 5 so not too worried but thought I would mention that. Also, I am not sure if I mentioned this but yesterday I started taking Catalyst 30 minutes before Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. I am taking 4 every time. Catalyst helps maintain muscle mass & helps protect & repair muscle tissues. Often times people call it a fat burner or "lipo in a bottle". Its really good for you. I was thinking of not taking this my first time around because I wanted the experience with what would happen to my body by just using the 24 day challenge but I decided I was just going to go all in and give it everything I got!

Well maybe I have not been giving it all I got. I have not exercised once this week. I have been doing really good working out lately but this week I have been so focused on ADVOCARE!!... Making sure we are eating healthy enough, make sure we are eating enough food but not too much, and mostly trying to prevent my husband from stressing out about food. He is a snacker so he is having a hard time not coming home & snacking on the biggest bowl of chips he can possibly find!
Well for breakfast I had an apple, lunch.... I am sure you could guess ;) I get "hooked" on foods and right now my bagel sandwich is my food of choice!! For dinner & made a turkey, we had sliced turkey, mixed veggies & garbanzo beans mixed w/ the veggies. Very good dinner! Super simple, so that is always great!
Just took my evening pills... man.. there are LOTS of pills involved in Advocare. I am on day 5 and combined I have taken like 50 pills already! The good thing about it though is even though some of them are large pills they are easy to take. Not too much to handle.

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