Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 6

Day 6
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Well this was a little disappointing!!! :(
But O well! At least I didn't go up in weight!!
So I am headed to my sisters house for part of the day, she lives about 30 minutes away but this is the first time in the 6 days that I am headed to another place & I know I need to worry about food because I can't get something just anywhere! So I will pack mine and my kids lunch to go. More preparation but well worth it in the end.  Kelly & I usually go to a Chinese all you can eat buffet! We still had a lot of non-approved food in the house so the kids are still eating it. They had Doritos on the way to my sisters in the car... they smelt soo good. but I resisted perfectly. :)
Breakfast I had steamed veggies.
Kids & I had sandwiches & veggies for lunch.
For dinner I made, Cauliflower Cheese & Noodles.....I know the name doesn't sound all that thrilling but boy oh boy is it good!! I tried and tried to come up with a better name but I just couldn't figure one out!... I was really wanting a mac n cheese that was healthy for the 10 day challenge and after looking and looking and not finding anything that didn't involve a buttload of butter or something really fattening so I decided to experiment & make my own recipe. It didn't really turn out like mac n cheese but it was SUPER good! Have you ever tried The Pioneer Woman's Cauliflower Soup? It is one of my husbands favorites & we just got lucky because it actually turned out very similar! It was crazy luck!
Didn't have any fruit today.. hmm.. I wonder if that is a bad thing? Or if it really matters.... I will find that out!
Well lots and lots of product in the closet! Got to get to selling!!

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