Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 7

Day 7
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge

I decided I am too focused on my weight so I am just going to stop weighing myself & focus on eating healthy & exercising! We are on day 7 & I have only worked out once this week! Such a slacker! But lots of change has been happening this week for us so I'll let it slide this time. ;)
For breakfast we had leftovers from last night. It was just too good to let sit in the fridge any longer!
Lunch we hand sandwiches & Chopped Veggies
For dinner we tried something different. Cactus.... You ever have cactus before? Slimy.. which i expected but just kinda weird, not my favorite. I also made rice with tofu & veggies. Wasn't the greatest either, by far the worst meal I have made on the 24 day challenge... :-/ I have yet to use anything from the 24 day challenge cookbook so maybe I will try something like that tomorrow!
We got our Advocare Welcome Packet today. Dustin & I both tried the Slam Energy Drinks, they were Good! Well at least the one I had was good! Definitely gave me a buzz of energy. They do have a ton of caffeine in them though. Advocare advertises them as having as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, I think that is a little miss leading. I know coffee has a lot of caffeine in it but the slam energy drinks & the spark are the equivalent to 2.5 mt. dews!... So lots & lots!... Dustin & I went off caffeine a while back & we didn't realize how much caffeine we are now drinking at 2-3 bottles of spark a day...
Well this is a really short post for day 7 because I actually forgot to publish my post yesterday & its now day 8 & I need to focus on today! :)

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