Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 8

Day 8
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Okay! I could not - not weigh myself anymore! Like I said in the beginning, I need to weigh myself, even if I know I gained weight lol I just want to see the darn numbers! because if I lost weight I get excited & I try harder! & if I gain weight, I get upset & I try harder! not knowing is just stressful!
236.6!! Down a total of 5.4 pounds! in 8 days! SWEET!
Exciting that I lost 5.4 pounds total as of today. Wish it was a little more but I am sure after the cleanse phase & I start the 2nd part things will improve! I feel great so that counts for a lot! Dustin & I are on the last 3 days of the cleanse which means its FIBER DRINK time! YUCK!
It is the first day this year that has completely felt like SPRING! It has been wonderful except the fact that I now have to get ready to go to work! :( I get so bored at work... I usually EAT!... So definitely a good idea to have snacks packed and ready to go! (When I go shopping I chop up veggies & put them in to-go containers so I can have easy access to eating healthier instead of grabbing junk food.)
Once again today for breakfast we had leftovers from the other day. Good Stuff.  Sadly its all gone. Will be getting more stuff to make it again soon!
Last night while I was reminding Dustin that we had to take our fiber drink... he made funny faces at me!! anyways while I was telling him this it completely hit me that we can have chicken noodle soup! That is Dustin's FAVORITE! I can't believe I didn't even think about making it. Super Simple. Super Good! & more importantly it makes Dustin happy! I told him last night and he said he would probably wake up in the middle of the night and make some lol he didn't... but I made him some this morning! He had some for lunch. He is having a hard time not being able to snack on crackers/chips. Just something like that. Eating veggies & fruit non stop all the time for snack is getting old already... and I don't blame him, it is getting a little harder but I am doing pretty good with my adjusting.
My mother in-law made my husband & the kids dinner last night while I was at work, she sent home leftovers, Wow, good stuff! She knew we were doing the cleanse & made food accordingly to what we can eat. She made some really great quinoa, chicken & beans. Tasted like a fajita!

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