Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 9

Day 9
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Day 9!! Only 1 day left of the fiber drink! I have been told the peaches & cream actually tastes pretty good but Dustin & I are taking the Citrus. Its pretty ICKY... but for some reason I just think the peaches & cream would be worse!... Maybe not!?...

Okay, so I debated if I should post this picture or not because it looks like I gained a pound! But I actually just didn't weigh myself until after I drank my fiber drink, had a bottle of spark, half a bottle of water & had 2 eggs & veggies for breakfast...! I almost decided to skip a day but that just wasn't going to happen! :)

For breakfast I had 2 eggs w/ onions, green peppers, sale, pepper & 2 tablespoons of salsa! I am not a big egg person but if I put enough stuff in it I will like it!!
Lunch I had some leftover dinner, nothing too fancy.

For dinner I had corn, chicken, quinoa & a whole wheat bagel w/ vegan cream cheese. Yumm!

I have to say... I have not had much energy at all this evening... I had a spark this morning & a slam about an hour before lunch & I was going strong but this afternoon & evening has been tough. Dustin also said he had alot of energy today but this evening he went to bed at 7:00! I mean he does get up at 4:00am but still! 7:00 is a bit early!!

Going to get more groceries AGAIN tomorrow!! We are out of just about everything!... uugghh... I very much dislike grocery shopping this much! I have spent $200 on groceries already & its only day 9! Oh well, I can't really complain, its worth it to get fit!!

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