Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 10

Day 10!!!
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
 !!!  235.8 !!!
Still a HUGE number but smaller than it was when I started!!! ;)
Down 6.2 pounds in 10 days.
I couldn't do that in a month if I tried this by myself!
For breakfast I had 1/2 of a whole wheat bagel w/ vegan cream cheese & 2 slices of pepper turkey. Yumm! Guess what I had for lunch? The same thing! I am so boring! lol it was just that good though!
For dinner we had chicken teriyaki stir fry... I know... I know... teriyaki sauce? really? lol it was a little treat for Dustin & I! And I only used 2 tablespoons and it made 4 large meals with a lot of water/teriyaki mix at the bottom of the pan when I was done so although not a good choice its one of my personal favorites & I used a very limited amount. Advocare always says "its a life style, not a diet", well no way teriyaki sauce is going out the window so it was a special dinner for us. Not something we will be having every night!
I had a really great day today. Feeling pumped about the 6.2 pounds that I have lost. Realized today that I really don't have any goals set & I should focus on making a goal- so this is my goal!....
I want to weigh 199 or less by April 30th 2012
When I get there I will make another goal! I know i should make a shorter term goal but honestly I don't think I will be satisfied unless my weight is under 200 and I feel so pumped up & have a lot of confidence in myself. I believe I can do it. :)
We are starting the 2nd phase tomorrow! Trying to get my head wrapped around everything we need to be doing. Lots of pills!!... plus we are taking catalyst plus I am taking my normal pills so lots of pills... Today I had a hard time swallowing them. Ick! I don't normally have a problem but 16+ pills a day is a lot!
Today I found out that we can have triscuts & almondthins? I think that is what they are called- they are crackers made out of almonds. Got a bbq one today ,they taste like bbq corn nuts!
Dustin is actually going to go grocery shopping with me tomorrow after work. I am actually kinda shocked... that is big!... he doesn't do shopping.. ever! & he is going w/ me which is even greater! I am excited. lol. you would think we would do a lot together but we really don't... i mean we spend time together since we live together but our normal is eating dinner together, watching stargate atlantis reruns for the 1000 time & that's it. We are boring people.. plus with the kids we don't get US time very much, so little things like grocery shopping while the kids are in Pre-School.. that is great stuff!! :)
I know this is my blog and I can say whatever I want but man sometimes I just feel like I am typing about absolutely NOTHING!!!...

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