Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 11

Day 11
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Down 7.4 pounds!
So today Dustin & I started the 2nd phase! I am determined to work out intensely for 30 minutes a day, I have been really focusing on what we are eating & all of the vitamins but I know I need to kick it up a notch. My goal is to continue eating like the 10 day cleanse with small additional changes as time goes on. For the most part I plan on staying dairy free & sticking to whole grain/whole wheat. To me those things aren't a huge deal to stick to. Dairy free stuff is a little more expensive, so that is really the only downfall to this, but dairy never really seemed to agree with me so it will be for the better.
Over the next few weeks I will be adding some red meats & some shrimp back into our diet because that's mostly what I am missing. Of course sugars will be added back in moderation... hehe.. but I have found some amazing looking sugar free recipes that I will be trying out first. No need to eat the bad stuff if it can be replaced by something healthier & still get the great taste that I crave!
 For breakfast I had a meal replacement shake. Directions say to mix it in 8 oz of water. I had 2 large drinks of my bottle of water then added it and shook it, it was almost a full bottle. I drank half and felt like I couldn't drink anymore. Put it in the freezer for a little bit & slowly sipped on it over the next 40 minutes. This is the first one I have ever had. I tried a sit of the chocolate before we tried the cleanse just to see how it tasted and it was pretty good. It has milk in it so its not something you want to take days 1-10 unless you need to. I think I might have said this before but Dustin is not a breakfast person & has a hard time eating stuff so this is good for him. He actually had one yesterday (day 10) because he was not feeling well yesterday morning & didn't want to eat anything.
LOTS of pills! Sheesh! ... this is what you do on the 2nd phase.... You are given a strip of 4 packets per 14 days in your mns pack. You take 1 pack 30 minutes before breakfast, 1 pack with breakfast, 1 back 30 minutes before lunch & the 4th pack with lunch. Also if you are taking any "add on's" you will want to take them as well. I have never been so tired of taking pills. I am starting to have a hard time swallowing them!

For lunch I had 1 slice of bagel w/ vegan cream cheese & pepper turkey.

Snack time I had a few triscuts, grapes & a banana.
For dinner I made Cauliflower Cheese & Noodles again... I'm sure you have noticed I eat a lot of the same foods! I made this one a little different, added 4 times as much veggies & added spinach as well. Tasted amazing. I kinda felt like I had a carb overload today..

Well I am off to bed, we will see what tomorrow brings!! :)

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