Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 12

Day 12
Of my 1st 24 Day Challenge
Down 7.8 pounds! (You know... that is almost 10 pounds!! In case you didn't realize!) ;)
You know it seems like Every Other day I have a good amount of weight loss and the in between days (like today) I didn't lose much. But still, I lost, so that is good!
Well as I sit here typing away I am drinking a berry protein shake.... oh my goodness... very good.. but SWEET!!!... If you on the 24 day challenge in the phase 2 part, I very highly suggest you drink one of these if you are needing something sweet. Yesterday I had a hard time drinking the entire Chocolate protein shake (Not for any particular reason) but again today I am having a hard time drinking the berry & my tummy was rumbling before I made it. I am actually trying to chug it with my nose closed as crazy as that is. That is how sweet it is. Almost not that enjoyable for me right now. I do still crave sweets every now and then but "milkshake" kinda foods are not really my ideal dessert.
So I forgot to mention yesterday, Dustin & I went grocery shopping. Fun. Fun. He got triscuts & huge seeded grapes. He was excited. It was pretty cute. :)
Well, I talked to Dustin about the Meal Replacement Shake. He said he puts his in a big jug of water so its very deluded compared to the way I have been drinking them. I never thought to look at the instructions, i still haven't looked, it might say to mix it with a lot more water then I thought! So hopefully that will help solve my problem.  I got hungry like an hour later & had to eat something, it didn't seem to hold me over for long. I am usually a breakfast eater though, unlike my husband so that could be why?

For lunch I had leftover dinner from last night. Yumm.

For dinner we had Veggie burgers with vegan "mozzarella" cheese & spinach on a multi-grain Sandwich Thin... yummy!! Good Stuff!!
I got my exercise in today at the park with the kids. Yesterday I said I was going to start exercising a little more and I didn't make it happen yesterday! Oh well, life just gets in the way of plans sometimes and you just have to go with the flow! but I made up for it today. Did some push-ups with Dustin (Okay, yes, i did girl push-ups... and not that many... ) But I DID do some. that is what counts in my book!

I have been surprised at the extra amount of energy Dustin has had. He has been a lot happier, been in a better mood, feeling good, doing push-ups & jumping jacks at work, he is encouraging me a lot without even trying. I like it. :) ... I do notice that I have more energy than i did before but nothing like what he has. Maybe I just don't see it because its ME... I do know he drinks a few sparks a day & I maybe have 1... but I don't think that is the difference... but then again, maybe. I will try and drink a few more tomorrow & experiment!...

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